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    22 Ridiculous Things You Do When Your Phone Has No Reception

    Can you hear me now?

    1. You hold up your phone to the sky and wave it around like a maniac.

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    2. You stand by yourself in a corner or by a window because it's the only place you *might* get a signal.

    3. When someone bugs you to join everyone else, you're basically glued to your pocket of reception.

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    4. You consider going against the stranger danger rule to ask someone if you can borrow their phone.

    5. You bug every single person you're with about whether or not they're getting reception.

    6. You curse the elevator for being an evil reception death box.

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    7. You experience a strong emotion called "Reception Envy" when you see other people's phones are working just fine.


    8. You keep switching your phone off and on, thinking it might help.

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    9. You go outside into whatever horrendous weather awaits you just to talk on the phone.


    10. You walk around repeating the same thing over and over again, hoping you'll be heard.


    11. When you're out in nature somewhere, you worry something will happen...and you'll never be found.

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    12. You think about using a pay phone, but then you remember you neither carry change nor remember how to operate a payphone.

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    Can you still call collect?

    13. You fantasize about going Office Space printer scene on it.

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    14. You try to log onto someone else's Wi-Fi network.

    15. You use crazy methods you've heard about from the internet to improve your reception.

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    16. You feel completely and utterly isolated from the world.

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    17. You write down a really good tweet/status update/something you want to look up for when you get reception again. WITH A PEN.

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    18. You try to google how to get better cell reception but you can't because you have no cell reception.


    19. You calculate your proximity to the nearest cell phone tower.

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    20. You focus your intense gaze on it, like sheer willpower WILL MAKE IT WORK.

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    21. You feel liberated from your phone for a hot second, before you remember you're supposed to be on an important call.

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    22. You keep trying, trying, trying until your goddamn cell phone finally gets reception again.

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    Send. Send. Send. Send. Send. Oh, it finally turned blue.