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21 Questions That Will Either Make Or Break Your First Date

Use at your own discretion. Answers from this Reddit thread.

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Redditors were asked what they'd most like to be asked on a first date and here are some of their responses:

1. Questions regarding your survival instincts...

mackenzie and john / Via Flickr: mackenzieandjohn /

2. ...and your decision-making abilities.

bahketni / AMagill / Via Flickr: bahketni

3. Questions about your support system.

Fox Searchlight / Via

4. Questions that allow you to reminisce on things long ago...

Shutterstock / Via

5. ...or in recent history.

Shutterstock / Via

6. Questions about where you grew up.

Shutterstock / Via

7. And who your friends were.

Shutterstock / Via

8. Questions that measure your creativity.

aaron13251 / Via Flickr: aaronharmon

9. And how quick you think on your feet.

nickobec / Via Flickr: nickobec

10. Questions that allow you to humblebrag.

Shutterstock / Via

11. Questions about what would fulfill you.

Shutterstock / Via

12. And your deepest desires.

ReneS / Via Flickr: rene-germany

13. Questions that reveal the words you live by...

Shutterstock / Via

14. ...and where you found them.

sermoa / Via Flickr: sermoa

15. Questions about how you like to keep yourself fueled.

jondoeforty1 / Via Flickr: jondoeforty1

16. And even the big, serious questions.

JeepersMedia / Via Flickr: 39160147@N03 / http

17. Questions to see how good you are at planning.

mdalmuld / Via Flickr: mdalmuld

18. And if you like to travel.

19. Questions that push the envelope.

Shutterstock / Via

20. And ones that allow you to use your imagination.

Walt Disney Studios / Via /

21. And the age-old question with the perfect answer.

boltron- / Via Flickr: boltron

Check out the whole thread here.

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