Twitter Reacts Hilariously To Gary Barlow’s Tax Avoidance

You guys.

1. This weekend Gary Barlow was accused of avoiding tax.

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Along with his Take That bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald, and their manager Jonathan Wild. It emerged through the Sunday Times that they allegedly invested £26million in a scheme designed to avoid the payment of tax.

2. So of course the internet reacted hilariously.

3. From Lily Allen having a dig.

4. To “The Queen” having a say.

5. But mainly people were having a field day with his songs.

Headline for Gary Barlow tax story: It Only Takes An Audit, Gal.

— Ian Hyland (@HylandIan)

It isn't Gary Barlow's fault. His accountant told him: "Do what you like"

— Michael Hogan (@michaelhogan)

Breaking News: Our investigation reveals Gary Barlow has written 9 million love songs but only declared a million for tax reasons.

— Baz (@bazlyons)

9. While others couldn’t stop with gags about being on the fiddle. LOLs.

GARY BARLOW!!!!!!! Great singer, excellent on the piano and VERY good on the Fiddle #barlowcanyougo

— Aled Hall (@AledHall)

All this time I thought Gary Barlow did the singing in Take That. Turns out he was on the fiddle.

— Michael Moran (@TheMichaelMoran)

11. Either that, or confusing his OBE with an oboe. You guys.

Why is everyone saying that Gary Barlow should give up the oboe? Let the guy play! #musicisforsharing

— Mattallwright (@Mattallwright)

Personally I think Gary Barlow SHOULD be made to return his oboe. But not before cleaning the mouthpiece.

— Tobias King (@2B_king)

I thought Gary Barlow only played piano. Taking his oboe away is a rubbish punishment.

— Tiernan Douieb (@TiernanDouieb)

After 10AM the Gary Barlow Oboe jokes will have officially jumped the shark. Get them in now, people.

— The Blogging Bloke (@LodzTBB)

15. Others saw it as a great opportunity to revive the #askgarybarlow hashtag.

"@SkyNews: TIMES FRONT PAGE: "Take that, Barlow" #skypapers " ←time to revive #askgarybarlow methinks.

— John Haslam (@JohnKHaslam)

Can I have your OBE ? I've never stolen millions from the public ?? #askGaryBarlow

— lycanthrope (@spud110)

#AskGaryBarlow is Fiddler on the roof your favourite musical ? @GaryBarlow

— Gandalf Wyndsong (@WyndsongG)

Why are you such a knobber ? #askGaryBarlow

— lycanthrope (@spud110)

19. Some were just plain weird.

"Gary Barlow OBE" is an anagram of "A Wooly Grabber".

— Nicholas Pegg (@NicholasPegg)

Is Gary Barlow halal? Asking for a friend.

— Adrian L (@fourstar)

In fairness to Gary Barlow, medical bills for operations to continually reduce the size of his fat head must be very expensive.

— Fish Upon A Star (@PrawnAgain)

I went to a restaurant once and Gary Barlow was sat on the next table. My girlfriend gazed at him all night. I say strip him of the OBE.

— Smee (@NiceOneTrevor)

23. While others had plenty more to say on the matter.

It's no wonder that Gary Barlow is a national treasure...he's been keeping hold if the countries ££s.

— Punctured bicycle... (@MusicSnobb)

When Gary Barlow gets caught avoiding tax everyone's like "aw but he's a nice guy" Jimmy Carr did it & it was "GET THE BASTARD!" Fuck sake

— Chumba (@chumbayaa)

gary barlow to keep his OBE in fact cameron will give him 2 more for getting away with tax evasion for so long

— extremist and proud (@PaulHewitt50)

26. Some simply didn’t care, because it’s Gary Barlow after all.

I honestly can say that Gary Barlow could batter a fish with a hammer and I'd still think he was perfect :-)

— Rachael Barker (@RachBarker85)

@5WrightStuff just strip Gary Barlow but he can keep his OBE!! Wink wink

— itsbabeecraig (@itsbabeecraig)

28. But most were pretty cynical.

Gary Barlow seems a decent fella but isn't it fortuitous that he's getting all this publicity just before a new album? #guerillamarketing

— Neil Symington (@NeilSymington)

So Gary Barlow does know how to handle cheques

— Carl Packman (@CarlPackman)

30. Some were having a great time fooling around with pictures.

Give it up, for Gary Barlow OBE ...

— Adam Devlin (@ad_I_am)

Gary Barlow added to cast as tax free plumber. #garybarlow

— Mark Collyer (@MarkCollyerReal)

@BuzzFeedUK You missed one

— Sketch-a-Etch (@sketch_a_etch)

Here's a lovely portrait of Gary Barlow that I did a while ago, for all you fans out there x

— Rob Dicken (@1970RobD)

34. While others made very, very good points.

If we really want to punish gary barlow we should make him enter eurovision every year until he wins.

— Ben Moore (@benjaminpmoore)

BREAKING NEWS: After handing back his OBE, Gary Barlow to be now known as Gar Arlw.

— Twitflup (@Twitflup)

36. Oh, Gary…

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