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    This Model With Vitiligo Is Possibly The Most Inspirational Thing You'll See Today

    Get ready to be truly inspired.

    Meet Chantelle Brown-Young, aka Winnie Harlow, who is 19 years old and suffers from vitiligo.

    It is a skin disease, best known for turning Michael Jackson's skin white, and causes the cells responsible for skin pigmentation to die.

    She has become the first model with the disease and her story is truly inspirational.

    Not just because of her beauty.

    But thanks to her positive outlook and acceptance.

    She has a huge following on Instagram, where she shares her musings: "Ever wish you could go back to the younger you and say 'Don’t worry baby, it gets better'."

    And now she's a model, catwalk star and aspiring writer.

    Who even inspires art work from fans thanks to her outlook and image.

    She moved to California from Canada to pursue her dreams.

    And even appears on America's Next Top Model.

    As well as in the latest SHOWStudio campaign.

    She was three or four years old when her skin started changing pigmentation.

    And admits growing up was "really tough", she was beaten up and called names such as "zebra" and "milky."

    But she learned to love herself and is now a vitiligo spokesperson.

    She has said: "I could take off all the brown skin and just be white. But I can not take off all the white skin and just be brown."

    But she has accepted that God meant for her "to be original" and that's "the way I'm supposed to be."

    And now she's taking the world by storm and inspiring others. Carry on being you, Chantelle.