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    26 Things That Look Like Kim Kardashian's Butt

    Well, according to the internet, anyway. Are we seeing double?

    So, Kim Kardashian posed with her ass completely out for Paper magazine's winter issue.

    1. And people on the internet immediately raised the important observation that her butt looks like quite a lot of things. Take this potato, for example.

    Here is a potato that looks like Kim Kardashian.

    2. Or these sausages.

    Voilà <img src=""> "@pornkid: Food That Looks Like Kim Kardashian : "

    3. In fact, it looks like a hell of a lot of food items.

    I've just found a crisp that looks like Kim Kardashian's arse.#WhatHaveYouDoneTodayToMakeYouFeelProud

    4. From tomatoes...

    5. this mushroom.

    6. From double-yolked eggs...

    7. this loaf of bread.

    8. Pumpkins.

    9. And a whole lot of other different fruit and veg.

    12. But mainly peaches.

    FIXED THE INTERNET @KimKardashian

    Kim Kardashian's arse does not look appealing or nice,it looks like a greased peach.

    13. Especially emoji peaches.

    14. Or how about a Cinnabon?

    Kim Kardashian's ass literally looks like a Cinnabon

    15. Or a glazed doughnut?

    Kim Kardashian looks like a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme. I want to be a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme.

    Kim Kardashian looks so delicious in her most recent pictures. Would kill to look like that.

    16. But that's not all. Kim K's derriere is also like silly putty.

    Kim Kardashian looks like she's sculpted from Silly Putty.

    Kim Kardashian's ass on that Paper magazine cover looks like it was molded from two freshly opened silly putty eggs

    17. And a turtle shell.

    Still not rating Kim Kardashian's bum. Looks like she has a turtle shell for s bum 🐢

    18. Like Star Trek's Quark.

    19. In fact, any Ferengi.

    20. She looks like a Barbie doll.

    Kim Kardashian literally looks like a plastic &unrealistic Barbie doll. Look at her waist in comparison to her body <img src="">

    21. And a sea creature.

    22. And a space hopper.

    Shit the bed, it looks like she's sat on a space hopper #KimKardashian #ass

    Exhibit A.

    23. And the world’s longest aircraft, the Airlander. Seriously.

    24. Don't let this put you off your dinner, but Kim's butt also looks like a turkey.

    @papermagazine #KimKardashian looks like a greasy featherless turkey. Good job.

    We're so sorry.

    25. In fact, inspiration is everywhere.

    Does anyone else think #KimKardashian looks like sexy Ned Flanders on cover of @papermagazine?😂🙈😂 #BreakTheInternet

    26. Genius.

    Kim Kardashian before Photoshop. #BreakTheInternet