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The "One Tree Hill" Cast Had A Reunion And Now We Miss Them Even More

They danced, they sang, they took hundreds of fan photos and now we miss them even more.

The cast of One Tree Hill reunited this weekend at the first ever EyeCon One Tree Hill convention in Wilmington, North Carolina, three years after the show ended. LOOK at all of them!

The gang got together for this fabulous photo, which was posted to Tyler Hilton's (Chris Keller's) Instagram page. He wrote: "Let's do this again yall!! Best fans of all time. Best friends I could ask for. Been through a lot together! #OTHfam."

He was joined by Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott), Barry Corbin (Brian "Whitey" Durham), Kieren Hutchison (Andy Hargrove), Antwon Tanner (Antwon "Skills" Taylor), Lee Norris (Marvin "Mouth" McFadden), Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer), Colin Fickes (Jimmy Edwards), Bevin Prince (Bevin Mirskey), Michael Copon (Felix Taggaro), Vaughn Wilson (Fergie Thompson) and Cullen Moss (Junk).

Here are Skills and Mouth showing off their moves.

@antwon_tanner and #leenorris showing us their moves! @EyeCon3000 #ReturntoTreeHill #wilmingtonnc

And Bevin remembering her Spice Girls dance routines.

Lucas gave a good impression of Mouth.

And they mainly took lots and lots of pictures.

😍😍😍 #HilarieBurton @MandaCGxo @ChadMMurray @EyeCon3000 #ReturntoTreeHill


What a cool selfie with all the amazing fans and @JustJoshHeyy @StephenColletti and #HilarieBurton #ReturntoTreeHill

Reunion time! #OTHconvention #ReturntoTreeHill

But a major highlight was Tyler Hilton singing "When The Stars Go Blue" on stage with a fan.

View this video on YouTube


There were a few key cast members missing. :( But Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis) had at least wanted to be there.

To everyone in NC this weekend, I wish I could split myself in two so that I could be there with all of you!! Hug my Hil for me!! ❤️

Jealous? Come to the next one. There's another taking place in August.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, One Tree Hill gods.