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The "Shaun Of The Dead" Guide To London

Because you know you want to stumble your way around the British capital ahead of the film's 10 year anniversary.

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Photo Illustration by Matt Tucker, Universal Pictures/Google

13. Landis Supermarket. (Asda, 2-20 Western Road, Park Royal)

Shaun's local supermarket, Landis, was actually the Asda in Park Royal. It can be seen in the opening credits as the camera skims across to give a glimpse of checkout girl Mary - who later turns up in Shaun's garden as a blood-dripping zombie.

12. The clubbers in the opening titles. (Outside former nightclub The Cross, York Way, King's Cross)

The opening credits: The first time we get to see Londoners transformed into slow moving zombies, who later turn up to Shaun's mum's house. If it looks familiar, it's because it's in front of what used to be The Cross nightclub in King's Cross with the recognisable arches. Although The Cross actually shut in 2008, four years after Shaun Of The Dead was released.

11. Shaun's house. (83 Nelson Road, Crouch End)

Shaun lives with Pete, who later turns into a zombie in the shower. But his unemployed best mate Ed (Nick Frost) was also crashing with him, too. The exterior seen here is at 83 Nelson Road, Crouch End. But the inside shots were actually carried out at Ealing Studios. They ran out of the house when Pete turned into a zombie and Shaun wanted to go and save his mum from her zombified husband, Philip (Bill Nighy).

10. Shaun's local grocery shop. (Weston Park Grocery Store, 96 Weston Park, Crouch End)

Shaun is seen popping into his local newsagents a couple of times near the start of the movie. It's actually Weston Park Grocery Store in Crouch End. Shaun first notices there's something wrong when he reads all of the front pages of the newspapers stacked at the till describing "mutilated remains" and a "super-flu" scaring the public. The next time he goes in, the shop is empty and he rushes home to find Ed on his sofa and zombies in his garden.

9. Foree Electric, where Shaun works. (Garland Electronics, 763-765 High Road, North Finchley)

'Foree Electric' is where Shaun works in the film, but is actually Garland Electronics in North Finchley. The name Foree comes from actor Ken Foree, who starred in Dawn Of The Dead, which Shaun Of The Dead is a parody of. In the film Shaun fails to exert his authority on his teenage staff and gets a visit from his stepfather Philip, who lectures him about buying some flowers for his mother next time he comes over.

8. Shaun buying his mum some flowers. (Broadway Fruiterers, 15 The Broadway, Crouch End).

After being scolded by his stepfather, Shaun dutifully goes to pick up some flowers at Broadway Fruiterers in The Broadway, Crouch End (L) after work. He starts seeing zombified people aimlessly walking in the road and ends up going to his ex girlfriend Liz's flat first. In a botched attempt to win her back he gives her the flowers instead, only for her to read the note to his mum. He of course goes straight for a pint at The Winchester pub.

7. Shaun bumping into Yvonne. (Farrer Road, Crouch End).

En route to Liz's, Shaun bumps into friend Yvonne, who he later sees again when they're trying to hide at The Winchester when they finally realise everyone's turned into zombies. They stand on Farrer Road in Crouch End as they fail to notice everything going on around them.

6. Liz's flat. (Cunningham House, Hillcrest, Highgate)

Shaun returned to Liz's flat to try and save her, although her friends ended up annoyed he had taken them from the safety of their third floor flat in Cunningham House, Hillcrest, Highgate. Although the internal shots were actually filmed at a flat elsewhere in Highgate. The second time he visits her he wrestles through a number of zombies, hitting them and killing them with a cricket bat.

5. Shaun's mum's house. (37 Abbots Gardens, East Finchley)

Shaun leaves the comfort of his own home to save his mum when she reveals her husband Philip is under the weather and they suspect he has been bitten by a zombie. Producers used the outside of a house in Abbots Gardens, East Finchley as Shaun and Ed went to save her.

4. The moving body bag and body in the road. (Mount View Road, Stroud Green)

Shaun and Ed steal Pete's car to get to Barbara's house and on the way they see a moving body bag in a stranded ambulance. They then run over a body and they reverse to check whether it's a zombie or not. The scenes are filmed throughout Mount View Road in Stroud Green, but look a lot like Crouch End.

3. When Philip turns into a zombie. (Lyonsdown Avenue, New Barnet)

They then take part in a second car race, albeit a different car after Ed crashes Pete's. This time there are more zombies on the road and they're soon forced to leave Philip once he also turns into the living dead. This time they drive through Lyonsdown Avenue in New Barnet for the shots.

2. Hiding from zombies down an alleyway. (Longmore Avenue, Barnet)

Shaun and co. hid down an alleyway en route to The Winchester, where they decided it would be safe to camp out. The scene was filmed in Longmore Avenue in Barnet, behind Monks Avenue. They run into Yvonne and some other survivors - who include Martin Freeman, Jessica Hynes and Tamsin Greig, who continue the other way.

1. The Winchester. (The old Duke of Albany pub, 39 Monson Road, New Cross)

The Winchester is referenced and included many times throughout the film. It's Shaun's local, where he suggested taking Liz to make everything up to her on their anniversary before she dumped him, and where they went to hide from zombies. It was actually the old Duke Of Albany pub in New Cross, which has since closed down and was turned into flats in 2008. Internal shots were filmed in Ealing Studios.