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Ellen DeGeneres Addresses The Rumors About That Assumed Lesbian In "Finding Dory"

UPDATE: She was just joking about the trans stingray.

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When a new Finding Dory trailer was released in May, some assumed the movie was featuring Disney's first LGBT couple, based on this quick image.

Disney Pixar

Disney Pixar has not commented on the apparent couple but Ellen DeGeneres addressed the rumor with the Associated Press: "I don't mind the question and I don't know if it's true or not, or if she has a bad short haircut. Who knows if she is a lesbian?"

The comedian and actress also joked that there will be a transgender character in the upcoming movie: "a stingray that's becoming sting-Rhonda."

BuzzFeed News' film critic Alison Willmore has seen Finding Dory and can confirm there is sadly no trans stingray.

Watch the interview in full here.

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Finding Dory is out in US cinemas on 17 June and in the UK on 26 July.


There is no trans character in the new Disney Pixar film, Finding Dory. This post has been corrected to reflect that DeGeneres was just joking.