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    Shirley Manson From Garbage Plays A Game Of "Scotland Or America?"

    You can take the girl out of Scotland but you can't take Scotland out of the girl.

    Our favourite '90s alt-rock band, Garbage, are still going very, very strong over two decades since they formed. In fact, they are releasing their SIXTH studio album, Strange Little Birds, this Friday.

    The lead singer, the iconic Shirley Manson, is Scottish but lives in Los Angeles. So naturally when BuzzFeed UK caught up with her to discuss the new album we decided to play a game of "Scotland or America?" with her. Here's what went down...

    Does she prefer the breakfasts in Scotland or America?

    America got off to a good start...

    Shirley: Ooh, definitely America.

    But then her love for Scotland started to win through.

    When it came to alcoholic choices, Scotland was the clear winner.

    Although the good old Scottish weather was the deciding factor for this one.

    Shirley: I've only ever been to one Scottish festival and one American festival and I have to say [shakes American flag], because the weather was so much better. [laughs] It was pouring with rain at the Scottish festival. The Scottish festival was miserable.

    By this point Scotland was winning every question.

    Although she did note this for the comedy question.

    Shirley: Oh my god, this is getting embarrassing. I do love you America, but Scotland's winning.

    And finally she was given one of the hardest decisions when it came to choosing between scenery in both countries...




    Thanks for playing along, Shirley!

    Garbage's new album, Strange Little Birds, is out this today.