Sarah Millican’s Awesome Response To Twitter Trolls Who Mocked Her Appearance

All hail the comedy queen.

1. This is comedian Sarah Millican walking the red carpet at last year’s BAFTAs ceremony.

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2. But while she looked lovely, she was faced with a barrage of online abuse about her outfit.

3. So she decided to write an essay about the experience for the Radio Times ahead of this year’s ceremony.

4. In the piece she emphasises the fact that she is “A COMEDIAN” and “not a model.”

I had a few awkward photos taken by the wall of the paparazzi. Awkward as I’m not a model (I’m a comedian), have never learnt to pose on a red carpet (I’m a comedian) and I have pretty low self-esteem.

5. She explains why she opted to get her outfit from John Lewis rather than an expensive designer brand.

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“Fancy designer shops are out for me as I’m size 18, sometimes 20, and I therefore do not count as a woman to them.”

6. She goes on to describe how her lovely evening was marred by the Twitter abuse she received.

I went on to Twitter and it was like a pin to my excitable red balloon. Literally thousands of messages from people criticising my appearance. I was fat and ugly as per usual. My dress (the one that caused ooohs in a department store fitting room?) was destroyed by the masses. I looked like a nana, my dress was disgusting, was it made out of curtains, why was I wearing black shoes with it. I cried. I cried in the car.

“And that wasn’t the end. The next day, I was in newspapers pilloried for what I was wearing. I was discussed and pulled apart on Lorraine. I’m sorry. I thought I had been invited to such an illustrious event because I am good at my job.

7. She concludes by saying she plans to wear the same dress next time she’s at the BAFTAs, as a show of defiance.

Why does it matter so much what I was wearing? Why did no one ask my husband where he got his suit from? I felt wonderful in that dress. And surely that’s all that counts.

“I made a decision the following day that should I ever be invited to attend the Baftas again, I will wear the same dress. To make the point that it doesn’t matter what I wear; that’s not what I’m being judged on. With the added fun of answering the red carpet question, ‘Where did you get your dress?’ with ‘Oh, it’s just last year’s, pet’.

To read the article in full, the Radio Times is out now.

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