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Sarah Millican Gives Out Her Hilarious Advice To Readers' Problems

Maybe don't follow ~some~ of her advice though. The comedian dropped by BuzzFeed to dish out her solutions.

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She's a top comedian, with on point views and completely outspoken ways. So who better to act as BuzzFeed's Agony Aunt for the day?

We met up with Sarah Millican to talk about her new DVD, Home Bird Live, and got her to solve some readers' problems, of course to hilarious effect.

Matt Tucker / BuzzFeed
MattTucker / BuzzFeed


She obviously didn't take any prisoners.

"She could tell him... maybe just tell him to his face. Because that might get him to fuck off."


Or act too sensitively. Of course.

"Or just get pregnant then trap him. That's a terrible one! But I like that, that's my favourite answer. It's just come to us."


And when it came to cheating, Sarah definitely didn't mince her words.

"'I've been seeing two women for the last eight weeks and I feel terrible'... So you fucking should you arsehole."

And no sympathy was given.

"I think you need to let them both decide what they want to do... and I hope they both dump you and you end up really sad and lonely."


She was wary when she needed to be.

"He won't be as fun as you. He'll mention things to you that you've never heard of, like cassette recorders and Bergerac."


But always found some sort of solution. Even if it wasn't the most serious of suggestions.

"Could you just buy her loads of presents that were deodorants?"


And her words were on point.


Especially when it came to advice on internet trolls, she was quite simply perfect.

And as frank as you'd expect. <3

"They sent me messages when I went on the telly to say 'Oh should we be friends now?' And that's when I told them to fuck off. It was very satisfying."

You can watch the video in full here.

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Home Bird Live is out on DVD now. A clip can be seen here.