S Club 7 Are Bringing It All Back Now

    There ain't no party like an S Club reunion party.

    Don't stop.

    Never give up.

    Hold your head high.

    And reach the top.

    Let the world see what you have got.

    S Club are bringing it all back to you.

    Okay, okay. We'll stop. S Club 7 have finally confirmed they're reuniting and will be performing for this year's Children In Need appeal.

    Hands up if you're excited.

    They announced the exciting news by launching a new official Twitter page this morning with this great first tweet.

    There Ain’t No Party Like An S CLUB Party . . . #SCLUB7 #Bringitallback #SC7

    And if that's not excited you enough, here's them announcing it.


    The seven-piece will appear on Children In Need on Friday, 14 November. This is them promoting the charity back in 2001 <3