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    Ronan Keating Took Our "Which Boy Band Should You Be In?" Quiz

    SPOILER: He did NOT get Boyzone. *Awkward*.

    We created a Which Boy Band Should You Be In? quiz earlier this month.

    So when we met up with Boyzone's Ronan Keating to discuss his debut acting role for movie Goddess, obviously we made him take it.

    It started off nice and easy. Note: Amazing 1990s photo of Ronan and his bandmates.

    And now we want to see his Running Man.

    Then he continued to fly through it.

    Although this one threw him slightly, before opting for vanilla.

    Sport, meanwhile, was easy.

    Because it turns out he was also sporty at school. Bless.

    This question caused some hilarity, before he decided to identify with a horse the most.

    And opted for David Beckham's highlights out of all of these glorious haircuts.

    And finally... he chose the word POW to round off the quiz.

    And then it was time for the big reveal. Drum roll please...

    He got... One Direction!

    We're sorry, Ronan.

    Ronan's movie, Goddess, is out in cinemas on 4th July.