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    15 Of The Most Humorously Honest Things Liam Gallagher Has Ever Said

    Because he's had 43 years of speaking his damn mind. Happy birthday, Liam!

    1. On cardigans.

    2. On Wayne Rooney.

    3. On personal problems while travelling.

    4. On fatherhood.

    5. On his favourite jeans.

    6. On M&Ms.

    7. On Noel.

    8. On claims he tried to ride a dog in a London pub after drinking champagne.

    9. On Kanye West.

    10. On the Scissor Sisters.

    11. On Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong.

    12. On trying to be tee-total for a bit.

    13. On alternative career choices.

    14. On his daily routine.

    15. On his natural sex appeal.