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The Internet Has Reacted Hilariously To Rihanna's Met Gala Dress

Try to get through this post without feeling hungry.

Rihanna was the absolute queen at the Met Gala in New York on Monday night.


But she also looked like a lot of things.

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk carai #MetGala #rihanna

So obviously the internet was hilarious about it.

Receita de omelete a La Rihanna #MetGala

Mainly about food items involving eggs.

huevos a la rihanna me estoy riendo hace media hora

Rihanna showed up like a poured omelette

Why does Rihanna look like the coney scrambled eggs special on the red carpet?

Omelette RT @_FabDLSass: 😂😂😂😂 RT @petty_marshall: Rihanna looks like a damn pancake.

Or pizza.

Who ordered this 😂😂 #MetGala2015

Why Rihanna look like she about to make the biggest pizza ever

Stylist: What look are you going for? Rihanna: Ever seen a cheese pizza? Stylist: Say no more.

But pretty much any food item worked.

Even food-based contraception also did the trick.

From this point of view Rihanna looks like a giant banana condom

But that wasn't all she was compared to.

Rihanna look like she’s the adoptive mother of Drogon. thats who he left Khaleesi for RT @TatianaKing: Rihanna

From Pac-Man.

Rihanna look like she's wearing Pac Man for a dress.

To Big Bird.

Why yall do Rihanna like that? 😂🙈 #MetGala

Why do Rihanna look like she killed big bird to get this dress 😂😂😩😩😆😆

And everything in between.

rihanna dress look like a waterslide .

Not that it mattered.

Rihanna kidnapped some poor muppet and made it into a dress but it looks amazing so RIP muppet. Your sacrifice was not in vain.

When you at the #MetGala and mistake @Rihanna's dress for a dance floor.

She was even compared to a Renaissance painting.

this looks like a renaissance painting but in reality it's just rihanna in the met gala

And pretty much every film possible.

Too much 🙈 #MetGala2015 #RihannaMetGala

Rihanna es super fan de Bob Esponja por lo que veo #MetGala2015 #RihannaMetGala

Well done, internet. We salute you.

Somebody's dress had to be the next internet sensation. Sorry @rihanna #MetBall