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    33 Reasons You Should Never Visit Kent

    Why do they call it the Garden of England again?

    1. Kent: They call it the Garden of England for some unknown reason.

    Flickr: tfpc / Via Creative Commons

    Rape seed field, near Folkestone.

    2. There are literally no gardens.

    Flickr: 93448689@N02 / Via Creative Commons

    Hever Castle, Hever.

    3. Anywhere.

    Flickr: guldfisken / Via Creative Commons

    Leeds Castle, near Maidstone.

    4. It's literally just cabbage fields.

    Flickr: ukgardenphotos / Via Creative Commons

    Poppy field, near Shoreham Village.

    5. And ugly buildings.

    Flickr: sugarmonster / Via Creative Commons

    Leeds Castle, near Maidstone.

    6. With no colour.

    Whitstable seafront, Whitstable.

    7. Anywhere.

    Flickr: 93448689@N02 / Via Creative Commons

    Rose gardens, Hever Castle.

    8. At all.

    Flickr: gareth1953 / Via Creative Commons

    Coast between Folkestone and Hythe.

    9. Gross.

    Flickr: arciere84 / Via Creative Commons

    River, Canterbury.

    10. The landscape is grotesque.

    Flickr: avidlyabide / Via Creative Commons

    Elham Valley.

    11. And really incredibly dull.

    Flickr: sipazigaltumu / Via Creative Commons

    White Cliffs of Dover.

    12. It's just the same bleak view wherever you go.

    Flickr: digimist / Via Creative Commons

    Hythe Canal.

    13. Even wildlife wouldn't want to live here.

    Flickr: beglen / Via Creative Commons

    Lake, Hever.

    14. There's no history.

    Flickr: bevgoodwin / Creative Commons

    Canterbury Cathedral and Hever Castle.

    15. No nice, local eateries.

    Flickr: bods / Creative Commons / Via Creative Commons

    Shelly's Tea Rooms, Chilham.

    16. And literally nothing to do.

    Tonbridge Castle and Penshurst Place & Gardens, Tonbridge.

    17. Don't even get me started on their beaches.

    Flickr: abidavis / Via Creative Commons

    Beach at Whitstable.

    18. They're an eyesore, quite frankly.

    Flickr: scubagirl66 / Via Creative Commons

    Viking Bay, Broadstairs.

    19. Dirty and unkempt.

    Flickr: stawarz / Creative Commons / Via Creative Commons

    Margate beach.

    20. And absolutely horrid to walk along for miles.

    Kimberley Dadds/BuzzFeed

    Kingsgate Bay, Thanet.

    21. Upon miles.

    Flickr: foolstopzanet / Via Creative Commons

    Chalk cliffs, Dover.

    22. In fact, all the waterways are disgusting.

    Flickr: gareth1953 / Via Creative Commons

    Faversham Creek.

    23. And lacking in scenery.

    Flickr: bods / Via Creative Commons

    Chilham Castle, Chilham.

    24. The sun never, ever shines.

    Flickr: worldoflard / Via Creative Commons

    Kingsgate Bay.

    25. And there's nowhere to go if it ever does.

    Kimberley Dadds/BuzzFeed

    Broadstairs beach, Thanet.

    26. In fact, every single season is such a drag.

    Flickr: 35296891@N07 / Via Creative Commons

    Aylesford Village.

    27. And night time's even worse.

    Flickr: saxonmoseley / Via Creative Commons

    Ramsgate Harbour, Ramsgate.

    28. It's a disgrace to the rest of the country.

    Flickr: keithmarshall / Via Creative Commons

    East Quay, Whitstable harbour.

    29. The towns are built up with nothing but chain stores.

    REX USA/Barry Phillips / Evening Standard

    Tunbridge Wells.

    30. And you'll never get a decent lunch spot anywhere.

    The Rose Inn, Wickhambreaux, near Canterbury.

    31. And picnic spots? None.

    Flickr: digimist / Via Creative Commons

    Dover Castle, Dover.

    32. You'd never want to go to Kent.

    Flickr: allan_harris / Via Creative Commons


    33. You'd only be disappointed.

    Flickr: frattaglia / Via Creative Commons

    White Cliffs, Dover.

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