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    Harrison Ford's Halloween Costumes Over The Years Have Been Unreal

    No one does Halloween like Harrison Ford does Halloween.

    Hello. Hi. Here is Harrison Ford.

    We all know Harrison Ford because he's a legendary actor and icon.

    We've known and loved his films for YEARS.

    But one little thing you may not know about him is he is the true king of Halloween. And I am here to bring it to your attention.

    Harrison Ford's Halloween costumes: a series

    Looking back over the years it's clear to see he just really loves dressing up for it.

    Like, really loves it. Most years he steps out with a brilliant costume alongside wife Calista Flockhart, who also has an excellent dressing-up game.

    Look at this joyful outfit the year before! And that happy smirk.

    We love it.

    And let's not forget the time he dressed as a hot dog on actual TV for Halloween.

    View this video on YouTube

    Never a truer word spoken...

    But it was in 2008 that he really went all out, with this giant pea pod outfit.

    In fact it may be when this all started.

    We cannot wait to see this year's effort! Only two more weeks to wait....