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    John Boyega Had This Perfect Response When He Was Criticized For Praising Women

    "Butthurt sexists please remain in the shadows of your stupidity."

    In case you somehow didn't notice, yesterday was International Women's Day.

    And plenty of celebrities shared inspiring messages to mark it throughout the day.

    happy international women's day! ..... I mean week....... I mean month...... I mean year....... I mean life..... 💕

    And one guy had a particularly special message he wanted to share on the day.

    John Boyega first of all shared this lovely message in support of women.

    But then he was faced with numerous comments against his message.

    While there were also plenty of messages praising him for his words and dubbing him "Finn the Feminist" after his Star Wars character, other commenters wrote things such as "TRAITOR!", "you're a man", and "what about the men."

    So he had this goddamn perfect response.

    To praise the loyalty between women does not mean disregarding the loyalty between men. I'm just not talking about frigging men today! So butt hurt sexists please remain in the shadows of your stupidity and from within those shadows you are free to have failed dreams about an estrogen free world.

    Reason no. 296,548 to love him. 🙌