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    27 Pictures Of The "Stranger Things" Cast Hanging Out And Being The Best Of Friends IRL

    Awesome friends on screen, even better off screen.

    For those obsessed with Netflix's Stranger Things, they'll know it's the young actors who really make the show.

    Their bond on screen is pretty damn special.

    1. But they're actually the best of friends IRL too.

    2. In fact, they're the ultimate squad goals.

    3. They hang out, even when they're not filming.

    4. They've even introduced each other to their siblings.

    5. Here's Lucas meeting Eleven for the first time. Before she shaved all her hair off.

    6. Eleven and Dustin mucking about on their lunch break.

    7. And the gang together at a cinema trip.

    8. They just love each other's company.

    9. Even on early morning shoots.

    10. And at 2am after a hard day of filming.

    11. The show may be pretty dark, but they look like they had the best time ever.

    12. Seriously.

    Having some fun with my cast before the holiday break! @netflix #strangerthings #strangerkids

    13. Whether it's down time in between scenes.

    14. Or poolside sessions during the promotional tour.

    15. Even the older children can't stop hanging out.

    16. Here's Jonathan and Nancy chilling with a guitar.

    17. And again enjoying the scenery near the set.

    18. Steve, Eleven and Dustin looking dapper AF at the premiere after party.

    19. In fact, the whole cast became the best of friends.

    20. Particularly Chief Jim Hopper and Eleven.

    21. Who also mucked around at the after party.

    22. They're an awesome bunch.

    23. Who know how to rock a red carpet.

    24. Especially Lucas.

    25. I mean, look at him.

    26. They're all absolute legends.

    27. And we CAN NOT wait until they reunite for the next series.