Paul Gascoigne’s Son Is A Hot Model

He’s 17 and called Regan. And looks nothing like his footballer father.

1. This is Regan Gascoigne. Paul Gascoigne’s teenage son.

2. And yes we mean the Gazza.

3. Here he is with Paul as a kid, aww.


4. Now he’s got a chiselled chin.

5. And a most perfect pout.

6. His hair is so big and bouncy.

7. He looks pretty among flowers.

8. And shows off his soft side stroking cats.

9. In fact he’s quite the ladies’ man.

10. Even X Factor’s Ella Henderson is his friend.

11. He can carry off a string vest.

12. And even a fur coat.

13. His left profile is perfection.

14. Yet so is his right.

15. He happily shows off his chest.

16. And works the moody smouldering look.

17. He’s even good looking when he tries to pull funny faces.

18. Grrr…

19. We love you Regan Gascoigne.

20. Yeah, you know it.

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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