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33 Times Brighton Proved How Brighton It Is

Vegan bondage sets and dancing grandmas.

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1. For a start this item you can buy.

Instagram: @benjameslucas

2. This lady in the pink coat having the time of her life.

Facebook: ezda.beevers

Always be the lady in the pink coat.

3. And this random horse in a doorway.

Horse in a doorway. Standard. #onlyinBrighton


7. In fact, everyone seems to get naked.

Instagram: @emmamendesdacosta

8. So these kinds of signs have to be left out.

Honestly #OnlyInBrighton will the public actually need to be told this! #Brighton


15. Even the codes for the buses are, shall we say, "very Brighton."

Instagram: @chiefwakawaka

17. The time this lady took her three rabbits out to the park.

Only in Brighton does a woman turn up with a pink pram, assemble a 'run' and pull three large rabbits from the pram

18. This seems like a regular thing to do on Brighton beach as well.

Family brought their 3 white rabbits to the beach #onlyinbrighton

20. Actually, lots of animals a lot of the time.

just saw a man walking a ferret like it was on a lead and everything #onlyinbrighton


21. And other daily observations about things that have been sighted.

Just seen a man on a lead in a full gimp suit walking down the street #OnlyInBrighton

Just passed a winged blue fairy walking through the Lanes with a hula hoop.. As you do #onlyinBrighton

23. And other forms of transport.

Just popped down the pub in my tank #onlyinbrighton


24. Especially bikes.


30. And the creative ways of using old telephone boxes.

Instagram: @kayleighfurner

32. And all the weird and wonderful things you see on the beach on a daily basis.

Ever seen stormtrooper on the beach... on a buggy? #onlyinbrighton

33. Even this.

Best selfie of 2014 #OnlyInBrighton #SaturdayMorning #4HourDrive #ThisIsTheRealBritonsGotTalent