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33 Times Brighton Proved How Brighton It Is

Vegan bondage sets and dancing grandmas.

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1. For a start this item you can buy.

Instagram: @benjameslucas

2. This lady in the pink coat having the time of her life.

Facebook: ezda.beevers

Always be the lady in the pink coat.

3. And this random horse in a doorway.

Horse in a doorway. Standard. #onlyinBrighton

4. These newspaper headlines.

5. In fact, most headlines that come out of the city.

7. In fact, everyone seems to get naked.

Instagram: @emmamendesdacosta

8. So these kinds of signs have to be left out.

Honestly #OnlyInBrighton will the public actually need to be told this! #Brighton

9. This guy.

10. These celebrations of the female anatomy.

"Come to The Cuntquarters art studio."

12. In fact most signs you see around the place. Like this one for designing your own coffin.

13. And this office's fire notice.

14. And, well, this notice...

15. Even the codes for the buses are, shall we say, "very Brighton."

Instagram: @chiefwakawaka

16. These edible options.

17. The time this lady took her three rabbits out to the park.

Only in Brighton does a woman turn up with a pink pram, assemble a 'run' and pull three large rabbits from the pram

18. This seems like a regular thing to do on Brighton beach as well.

Family brought their 3 white rabbits to the beach #onlyinbrighton

19. This dog.

20. Actually, lots of animals a lot of the time.

just saw a man walking a ferret like it was on a lead and everything #onlyinbrighton

21. And other daily observations about things that have been sighted.

Just seen a man on a lead in a full gimp suit walking down the street #OnlyInBrighton

Just passed a winged blue fairy walking through the Lanes with a hula hoop.. As you do #onlyinBrighton

22. Take the buses.

23. And other forms of transport.

Just popped down the pub in my tank #onlyinbrighton

24. Especially bikes.

25. Then there's the typical things you see on the carousels...

26. The buskers...

27. As well as the activities.

28. And whatever the hell is going on here.

30. And the creative ways of using old telephone boxes.

Instagram: @kayleighfurner

Like this coffee shop, for example.

31. This flatmate ad requesting the lodger to wear a walrus suit for two hours every day.

32. And all the weird and wonderful things you see on the beach on a daily basis.

Ever seen stormtrooper on the beach... on a buggy? #onlyinbrighton

33. Even this.

Best selfie of 2014 #OnlyInBrighton #SaturdayMorning #4HourDrive #ThisIsTheRealBritonsGotTalent