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    One Direction Rule Radio 1 Teen Awards, Celebrate By Putting Pegs On Their Faces

    As you do.

    Somewhat unsurprisingly, One Direction won Best British Group at the Radio 1 Teen Awards.

    But before they got the award they had to compete for best peg face and we giggled along.

    They were out of the country and couldn't attend, you see.

    Liam looked ecstatic about it.

    Harry looked bemused.

    Zayn played it cool.

    Louis came close.

    But Niall won ultimate peg face and got to accept the award.

    But that wasn't all, oh no. They also won Best Single.

    This time Louis picked the short straw to accept the award.

    And then this happened.

    Congrats boys! You rule.

    To see more visit the Teen Awards pages or visit the full YouTube playlist.

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