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    One Direction Got Completely Soaked On Stage And It Was Marvellous

    The heavens opened and we all rejoiced. Thank you lord, thank you.

    One Direction performed in Turin in Italy yesterday.

    Bruno Marzi / Splash News

    Unfortunately for them it rained rather a lot.

    Bruno Marzi / Splash News

    And fortunately for us they got completely and utterly, ridiculously and stupendously soaked.

    Bruno Marzi / Splash News

    Like so.

    Bruno Marzi / Splash News

    It was glorious.

    Bruno Marzi / Splash News

    Just marvellous.

    Zayn walked through the rain like a soaking wet God.

    And this meme was born.

    Because Tumblr is the best.

    And Zayn soaking wet is the best thing to have ever happened.

    Poor guys. YAY us.

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