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    Patrick Stewart Dressed Up As A Glam Woman And Looked Fabulous

    Looking amazing, of course.

    This is how we're used to seeing Patrick Stewart.

    But if you ever wanted to know what he'd look like dressed as a glamorous woman, now's your chance.

    Something is happening in Hollywood tonight.

    On Monday night he headed out to an event in Hollywood to promote his new US sitcom Blunt Talk.

    And he looked pretty unrecognisable in a pink satin dress and blonde wig.

    And people of course LOVED it.

    @SirPatStew your brows are on fleek!!! #jealous

    @SirPatStew you look fabulous darling 😘

    @SirPatStew What fine brow arches you have!

    @SirPatStew Glorious. Well done sir. Helen Mirren, amirite?

    Looking pretty damn fabulous, Patrick.