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No, This Isn't A Photo Of Jennifer Aniston In Her Wedding Dress

We've found the original photo.

Earlier this month, Jennifer Aniston reportedly married Justin Theroux, three years after they got engaged.

So far no pictures have emerged or details confirmed about their big day.

But over the weekend a Jennifer Aniston Facebook page shared this wedding dress picture alongside the message: "You have my whole heart for my whole life. ‪#‎WeddingDress‬"

Facebook: JAnistonFans

A number of news outlets then reported about how amazing Aniston looked in the dress.

You have to see Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress!

OMG. Jennifer Aniston's *stunning* wedding dress has been revealed...

But we have something to tell you... This clearly isn't Jennifer Aniston, guys. Let's examine the evidence.

Firstly, it came from a Facebook account that is unverified, even though it has thousands of followers.

Let's also look at the side profile. Clearly not Jennifer Aniston.

A simple Google search also reveals that the exact same picture has been all over Pinterest for about a year.

It's a very pretty dress but for those tweeting about Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress, it's not her

We also can't imagine one of the most famous women in the world would buy a wedding dress for less than £125.

In fact, we've found out exactly where the dress is from. It's from an Israeli label called Dimitrius Dalia and the woman in the picture is a model, seen here in all of the 2014 collection photos.

You can see the picture of Aniston's alleged wedding dress clearly with the exact same stance, leaning against the exact same mirror. On the left is "Jennifer Aniston", on the right is the wedding dress model.

In conclusion: It's not Jennifer Aniston in that photo.

But it is a very nice dress. Maybe one day we'll get to see the real deal. ❤️‍