Neville Longbottom's Finally Set His Instagram Account Public, All Rejoice

    Our obsession can grow even more.

    It's the phenomenon we all can't quite get our heads around: Matthew Lewis, aka Neville Longbottom, growing up to be this handsome fellow.

    And so far we've been relying on his Twitter page to view gems like this.

    If you wanna know how this pale runt gets hurt then watch the Bluestone 42 Xmas Special tonight at 10pm on @bbcthree…

    And this.

    Towerblock and Rocket got to meet them two out of Harry Potter... @scottwhoatson @TomFelton @thisisbwright

    But now, thanks to this RT from hot Neville this week, we now know he's set his Instagram page public.

    .@Mattdavelewis finally set his Instagram account public! Follow him

    Hallelujah we hear you cry!

    So now we can see him blossoming even more day by day.

    We can view just how funny he is.

    Like so.

    You can witness how patriotic he is.

    How handsome he is.

    How fun-loving he is.

    Hell, you can even see him hanging out with his Harry Potter mates.

    Which is a good enough reason to follow him alone.

    We can see more of this.

    And this.

    So please, please put up more pictures.