A Reminder That Jamie Dornan And Keira Knightley Were The Perfect ’00s Couple

A match made in noughties fashion heaven.

1. Jamie Dornan: International lust target and our real life Christian Grey.

Focus Features

2. Keira Knightley: A list Hollywood star and fashion icon.


3. But can we just remember for a second that they used to date?


4. Before he was Mr Grey.

Getty Images Frazer Harrison

5. And before she was the Keira we fully know today.

Getty Images Frazer Harrison

6. And their fashion was the perfect reminder of the beautiful mid noughties.

"My trousers are…unconventional."

— Aoife (@aoiph)

7. When he was all baggy jeans and she was all trendy knickers and crop tops.


8. So much to see: Her lipstick! His pants!

So much to discuss here. Keira Knightley used to go out with Jamie Dornan! Her lipstick! His pants! Everything else!

— Aoife (@aoiph)

9. Remember cinched in belts and flat caps were all the rage?

PA Archive/Press Association Images Andy Butterton

10. They wore matching black with plenty of satin.

Getty Images Evan Agostini

11. She wore chokers and low cut tops.

WireImage Lester Cohen Archive

12. He wore skinny ties and a perfectly shaved head.

Getty Images Dave M. Benett

13. They co-ordinated green accessories.

UK Press via Getty Images Antony Jones

14. And everything was glorious with the world.

Getty Images Dave M. Benett

15. Would Christian Grey wear a shirt under a jumper?

WireImage George Pimentel

16. Or anything and everything going on here?

Anna Barclay/REX USA

17. To the ’00s Jamie and Keira, we remember and we love you.

WireImage Dimitrios Kambouris

18. <3

C. Uncle / FilmMagic

Massive h/t shout out to @aoiph, who reminded us of this fascinating fact thanks to this and this tweet.

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