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Turns Out Emilia Clarke Is Pretty Damn Entertaining On Instagram

She's only been on it for 11 weeks and she's already putting us to shame.

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On screen she's known as the Mother of Dragons with her platinum hair and perfect braids.


But in real life Emilia Clarke is an adorable, kooky brunette.

Channel 4

Who recently joined Instagram. HALLELUJAH!!

And she's already proved she's QUEEN at social networking.

1. Not only is her bio pretty damn perfect: "If at first you don't succeed, laugh until you do..." but her first post was even better.


2. In fact she's pretty damn hilarious on it.

3. And refreshingly doesn't take herself too seriously.

4. When Kristen Wiig impersonated her she cried with laughter and shared her reaction.

5. And here she is using Dubsmash.


6. But she also uses it to remind us how insanely perfect she is.

8. We get to see better into her life.

9. Like every time she hangs out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, for instance.

10. And when Game of Thrones collides with Harry Potter.

Oh HI, Neville Longbottom.

11. And also when Game of Thrones collides with Hunger Games.

Oh HI, Finnick Odair.

12. Because she's recently been filming Me Before You with both Sam Claflin and Matthew Lewis.

Not to mention Charles Dance, who plays her rival Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones.

13. She uses it to show how much fun she's been having.

14. Whenever she gets a new tattoo. 🐝

15. And all of her travels across the world.

16. Whether it's on filming locations.

17. Or promotional tours in European cities. She's pretty fun to follow.

18. She even used it to encourage everyone in England to vote.

19. But mainly she's just damn pretty on it.

20. A massively happy person with a contagious grin.

21. That you'd be mad not to follow.

Now please post some more pictures.