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Matthew Lewis Plays A Hilarious Game Of "Would You Rather"

Things got a little, erm, weird.

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We all know Matthew Lewis as the beloved Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter franchise.

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But we're about to see a lot more of him in the latest series of Victorian crime drama Ripper Street, in which he plays Desk Sergeant Samuel Drummond.

So in honour of his new show, BuzzFeedUK decided to play a game of "Would You Rather" with him, tying in Ripper Street, and of course Harry Potter. And things got kind of strange....

We decided to start the game by getting straight in there with this one. Would you rather live a normal length life now in modern times or live in Victorian times forever?


Then we eased him into it by getting to know him some more. Next up: Would you rather sing like Adele or play football like David Beckham? His answers were pretty humorous.


"Well singing like Adele would be a bit odd for me for a 26-year-old man. But if you mean if I could sing I would rather sing than be able to play football."

Would you rather drink a gallon of ketchup or a gallon of mayonnaise?


"I hate both of those things. Equally. I guess whichever's the least fattening... ketchup?"

Then we went in on the Harry Potter theme. Would he rather be a pro golf player or have Alan Rickman's voice? He didn't miss a beat.


Same, Matt, same.

When asked if he would rather be a rat for 13 years or be in Azkaban for 13 years he wasn't impressed by his options.


Sorry about that.

Then we tied in some Victorian themes and we're pretty sure he thought we were crazy. Would he rather have lived as Queen Victoria or as Dumbledore?

But it was a pleasure to see him laugh so much.

Once he laughed that one off we gave him the option to have Hedwig or a police horse as a pet.


"I quite like horses. And it's a police horse. That's pretty cool."

If you always wanted to know whether he'd want to be better at spells or potions, here's your answer:


Then things got a bit harder and he answered like a pro. Would you forever live in Ripper Street or the Chamber of Secrets?

And he gave an excellently thought out answer for this one. Would you rather attend a grand Victorian ball or the Quidditch World Cup?


"Ooh, that's a nice little question. I'd probably... actually Victorian balls, it looks good but everyone's so up their own arse, man. I'd go to the World Cup."

By this point he had no time for silly questions like this. Would you rather be a dog named killer or a cat named Fluffy?


So we got a bit out of control and asked the ultimate Harry Potter/Ripper Street crossover question. Would you rather be a Slytherin or Jack the Ripper?

We did say things got a little bit weird.

He was probably relieved when we got back to normal-ish questions. Would you rather be a member of the Dursley family or the Malfoy family?


Excellent reasoning btw.

When we gave him the option to go about his normal day naked or sleep for a year he was in two minds.


"Both very good things. I've got a bit of that phobia of missing out so a year is quite a long time. Maybe the naked one. If I could sleep naked for a year then maybe. But no, the naked one."

And finally this one proved the most difficult. Would you rather be itchy for the rest of your life or sticky for the rest of your life?

He well and truly thought through his options. "That's an impossible question. I hate both of those feelings. I think sticky you can kind of start to forget about it. Oh I don't know because then sticky's going to affect other people. But then they'll think you've got scabies or something if you're scratching all the time. How do you explain being sticky permanently, what do you say that is? All kinds of shit's going through people's minds for both of those. See, I'm thinking about other people at all times." But ultimately he went with sticky: "Erm... sticky. Ew, gross."

Sorry to have put you through that, Matthew. And thank you for playing along!

That smile 💙

Go and watch Ripper Street now! Series 4 will be available exclusively for Amazon Prime members in the UK from 15 January 2016.