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    34 Reasons Why Lily Allen Is The Queen Of Nail Art

    The best nails in the history of manicured nails. FTW.

    Lily Allen has the best nails in the whole of celebrity world. Or in fact any world.

    1. From metallic scales.

    2. To safari nails.

    3. Pretty in pink.

    4. And splashes of colour.

    5. Perfect swirls.

    6. Always painted in amazing detail.

    7. Whether on duty.

    8. Or off duty.

    9. They're just the best.

    10. Whether they're red.

    11. Or neon yellow.

    12. Or even green diamante.

    13. She tries out plenty of patterns.

    14. And matches her accessories accordingly.

    15. Mesmerising.

    16. And striking.

    17. Always ready for their close up.

    18. Accompanying Lily wherever she goes.

    19. She goes for themed nails.

    20. Especially at Christmas.

    21. And Halloween.

    22. She has rave nails.

    23. Chilling out at home nails.

    24. Just because.

    25. Going driving nails.

    26. And 'why not' nails.

    27. She experiments with gold.

    28. And many, many different colours and patterns.

    29. Whether on her tips.

    30. Or painted like the sky.

    31. She's a fan of glitter.

    32. Particularly with added glitz.

    33. But she'll also try out polka dots.

    34. And London Olympics? She of course had it covered.

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