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16 Times Leonardo DiCaprio's DadBody Was The DadBodiest Bod Of All

DadBody goals right here.

DadBody: When a guy doesn't really care about working out but doesn't have a massive beer gut.

Like so.

Tasty, right?

Your fun loving kinda guy.

It's the new craze summed up by one Clemson University sophomore, who explains: The “dadbod” says, "I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time."

Sure, there's plenty of contenders for ~ultimate~ DadBod.

1. But we all know who's set the peak DadBody goals don't we?

2. One man who doesn't give AF about going to the gym over enjoying himself.

3. One man who's totally still got it.

4. But who's just got it naturally.

5. He may not be as smooth as he used to be. But look at that smile, he doesn't CARE.

6. And neither do we.

7. Because look.

8. 😍

9. Every beautiful inch of him is perfect.

10. It's not like he's got a beer gut. He's not letting himself go ~completely~.

11. He's just Leo being Leo.

12. Brilliantly beautiful Leo.

13. Beautiful, beautiful DadBod Leo.

14. Chilled AF Leo.

15. Happy, loving life Leo.

16. King. Of. Them. All.