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23 Easy AF Celeb Halloween Costumes That Will Trick (and Treat) People Into Thinking You Tried

Minimum effort. Minimum spending. Maximum effect.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best celeb-inspired Halloween costumes. Here's all the ones we think you can get together easily and quickly, if you've left it to the last minute like us:

1. Britney Spears.

"Slave For U Britney, Baby One More Time Britney, and Toxic Britney." –christineb40f15266e

Great for a last minute Justin too if you have some spare denim lying around.

2. Lady Gaga.


"Lady Gaga in the "Telephone' video. Those Coke cans were a bitch to keep in!" –natashab4e686673b

"Lady Gaga was in session." –justinc4a0ae333c

3. Kim Kardashian.

"I turned my friend Thom into Kim Kardashian and he turned me into Marilyn Monroe. I put a whole pillow in his booty and his bun is real haha. I even made the Paper magazine background!" –BrissieBuzzer

"SO. MUCH. PADDING." –sydneyo47828b091

Got a black dress and some tin foil? Outfit sorted!

"I tried to break the internet." –shelbyp445b0a908

4. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

5. Katy Perry.

"A few years ago I dressed at Katy Perry from the “California Girls” music video. I even still have the homemade cupcake bra and I’ll never part with it. My roommates and I threw a Halloween party and people kept asking for pictures with me. Then I went to the bar and lost the costume contest to a much sluttier, much less authentic KP." –Jettab17

"Katy Perry circa Prismatic World Tour." –Haley Ellingson

6. Guy Fieri. Just find a shirt, a visor and pose like this for photos.

7. Mr. T.

"My son Apollo as Mr. T." –eishafashionista

8. Amy Winehouse.

"I was Amy Winehouse and my friend was Lana del Rey." –alexs44c3d9441

9. Beyoncé.

From any era tbh.

"Every year I dress up as a different Beyoncé, using the past year as inspiration. Most of the costumes are handmade." –mskelly88

10. Miley Cyrus.

11. Sia.

12. Drake.

13. Twiggy.

14. Taylor Swift.

"I'm like the biggest Swiftie ever, so obviously I had to be her for Halloween after 1989 came out." –ellacution

15. Nicki Minaj.

16. Bob Ross.

17. Own a purple jacket? Go as Prince.

18. Daft Punk.

19. Janet Jackson.

"I was Janet Jackson from the "Rhythm Nation" video." –ericat45d3e45ed

20. Jennifer Lopez.

21. Jonas Brothers.

22. Kris Jenner.

"Karl Lagerfeld and Kris Jenner." –claireaustin

23. Or Justin Bieber.

Particularly Halloween-ified.

"Zombie Bieber." –amyh4197c56e3

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