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    Kylie Minogue Took Our "Which Kylie Are You?" Quiz

    And the results were glorious.

    We created a Which Kylie Minogue Are You? quiz this week.

    Then we were lucky enough (no pun intended) to meet the lady herself to discuss her new album Kiss Me Once.

    So naturally we got her to try out the quiz for herself.

    Which led to amazing reaction GIFs such as this.

    It started off nice and easy.

    Then she got a bit more into it.

    And we learnt a little more about her.

    She mulled this question over in an amazingly cute yet sassy way.

    Before making the correct decision.

    Then we moved on to one of her favourite things.

    We suffered a slight technical hitch, but she was as cute as you'd expect.

    And swiftly moved on to the next question.

    Which she loved.

    But was horrified by the wax work of herself and Jason.

    Before settling on young and fresh Neighbours Jason.

    Which made her go like this.

    But we think we know which was her favourite question.

    After picking the glittery iPhone case, it was sadly on to the final question.

    Which was of course very tricky.

    But she eventually picked "Into The Blue"

    And then drum roll... it was answer time.

    And she got...

    Neighbours Kylie!! Well hello there, Charlene.

    And her reaction was priceless.

    So, which Kylie were you?

    Watch the video here.

    View this video on YouTube

    Kylie's new single "Into The Blue" is out this week and her new album Kiss Me Once will be released in the U.K. on Monday.