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    Just A Reminder That Kenzie From Blazin' Squad Is Insanely Buff Now

    You definitely wouldn't miss him at the ♫ crossroads crossroads crossroads ♫ now.

    If you think of Kenzie from Blazin' Squad, then this is no doubt how you'll remember him.

    On the left at a movie premiere in 2005, on the right starring in Celebrity Big Brother the same year.

    Well, fast forward 10 years and now this is what he looks like.

    That's him on the left btw.

    Yes, really.

    If you watched The Big Reunion a couple of years ago you may have seen how he'd already changed.

    But now he's even more buff.

    And even more ripped.

    Kenzie's now a personal trainer and DJ.

    Hence how he's now super muscly.


    With the most defined six-pack around.

    That can't be hidden, even under clothes.

    And if you look at his Instagram that's not very often.

    He's even had his own underwear line.

    Which comes as no surprise looking at this.

    So ICYMI this is what Kenzie from Blazin' Squad looks like now.

    💪 💪 💪