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Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Dec 6, 2016

Every Time James Blunt's Twitter Clapbacks Won 2016

His tweets are beautiful, it's true.

By now you must surely all be aware how hilarious James Blunt is on Twitter.

Just that and a few super models. RT @_idkmatilda: has James blunt done anything other than that one song in his whole career

Especially when it comes to clapbacks.

Yeah, I bought those 20 million albums myself. RT @TroyJosephDavis: no one really likes James Blunt right?

1. Well, 2016 has been no different.

Slightly dismayed that the 1 time I'm on TV in the last 10 years is ona @LouisTheroux documentary about Jimmy Savile

2. He's been asking the important questions.

Anyone know any good dogging sites in Ibiza?

3. As well as continued to be the reigning king of clapbacks.

4. Especially of the NSFW variety.

Adam’s wearing the ribbed condom. RT @MrMtthwG: I almost can't tell if it's James Blunt or Adam Levine anymore.


Then sit on something else. RT @PhoebeChristaki: James Blunt's face fully aggravates me


Depends where I put it. RT @paulinaboncan: Little bit of james blunt never hurt anybody


That's kind of like saying every time I eat cake I think it's cunt. RT @handses: everytime i see "james blake" i think he's james blunt ....


Have a seat. I have that effect on people. RT @Tanya_McDaid: I cannot stand James blunt

9. And he's been as great value as ever.

Don't use me as an excuse. RT @gemmacramp: Does anybody else wanna kill themselves when James blunt comes on that fucking avert?


That generation tend not to use Twitter. RT @JonasKryptonite: @JamesBlunt why don't you tweet people that actually like you very very much?


You should be a journalist for the Daily Mail. RT @sweetfishtaco: @JamesBlunt gave me cancer with his shit music

12. And with comebacks like this, who can blame him.

Prince Harry. By text. BOOM! RT @dinolauz: Who the fuck invited James Blunt to the Invictus Games?

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