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    Here's Benedict Cumberbatch And Benedict Wong Hilariously Attempting To Sing Beyoncé With Mouthguards In

    "My name is Enedic Underatch."

    The two major Benedicts in our lives – Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong – finally joined forces late last year for Marvel's Doctor Strange.

    Benedict Cumberbatch plays the titular character, while Benedict Wong plays a librarian also called Wong at the library where Doctor Strange learns the mystic arts. During the film the pair enjoy a couple of Beyoncé references: first, when Doctor Strange asks Wong if he has only one name, like Adele, Drake, Eminem, etc, then later remarks "try me, Beyoncé" to an unimpressed Wong, and second, when Wong is caught listening to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" through his earphones.

    So when we met the pair in London to talk about the film ahead of its DVD release later this month, we ended up getting them to try to sing "Single Ladies" while wearing the mouthguards from the game Speak Out. Because why not?

    Do you know what? They were actually game! And it was beautifully hilarious.

    It took a while for Cumberbatch to put the mouthguard in correctly and get used to it in his mouth. There was a fair bit of laughing.

    Then he had this moment of contemplation, but continued on regardless like a hero in a room full of laughter.

    Also no, this is the making of you Benedict.

    We asked them first of all to introduce themselves. Which was of course a struggle with the number of Bs, Ms and Ws in their names.

    Especially when it came to the word "Cumberbatch".

    And then they began the song...

    It ended up sounding like hilarious humming.

    And they got really into the dancing.

    Especially at this bit.

    Oh, and this bit.

    Until it was all too much for Cumberbatch and he had to take the guard out as he started laughing again.

    But Wong seemed to be enjoying himself a bit ~too~ much.

    That was beautiful. Thanks for being such good sports, guys!

    Doctor Strange is out on DVD, Blu-ray™ and 3D Blu-ray™ in the US now. It will be available on all formats in the UK from 6 March.