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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    Ruby Rose Is Not Happy At All About These Revealing Photos Being Published

    "Hashtag absolute morons."

    On Tuesday The Untitled Magazine published an interview and photo shoot with Ruby Rose.

    But when Ruby came across the article she was not happy at all about one particular image being released into the world.

    In fact, the Orange Is The New Black actress posted a censored version of the image on her Instagram page and asked for fans to boycott the magazine as a result.

    She wrote:

    I am pro "free the nipple" so when I was tagged in this photo by fans I wasn't sure where it came from but I assumed a BTS from a friends shoot or one where we had approved slightly transparency in an image. Imagine my shock to find that @theuntitledmagazine decided to publish images of me after we explained we wouldn't be doing the shoot if I wasn't appropriately covered. The difference with working with a friend and or choosing to use nudity for art / and someone taking the piss and exploiting you is two different things.

    Ruby pointed out that the shoot and interview were taken eight months ago and labelled them "exploitative" for going ahead with publication.

    Not only is this 8 months old.. The photos unapproved but they also sold photos to other publications. The interview made no sense 8 months on.. Please if you are a fan of mine boycott this issue. Or you are buying into greedy, exploitative propaganda. I have plenty of other shoots I'm proud of with professionals coming up its not needed in your collection.

    And she also ranted on Twitter asking for an apology after publishers insisted it wasn't exploitation.

    @TheUntitledMag these photos were taken in The beginning of APRIL. By Dani Brubaker at smokey hollow studios. A closed set, photo approval.

    @TheUntitledMag happy to send you the call sheet. I had two team members with me that day and I myself even asked about photoshopping OUT ..

    @TheUntitledMag any nudity or "nip slips" this was all totally agreed upon.. We have followed up for MONTHS about this shoot only to find..

    @TheUntitledMag the photos published in on !?! In July. I have an email apology from Patrick O'leary about this ..

    @TheUntitledMag now I await a full apology from yourselves.. But from all I have now heard I won't hold my breath.

    But representatives at the magazine ignored her request and even started promoting the article more.

    Read the full #exclusive #interview with actress @RubyRose for the #GirlPower Issue 8

    Leading to this clap back from Ruby.

    "We do not believe in exploitation" however we have seen how upset you are at unapproved published images of you topless in our "girl power magazine" we figure while all the publicity around it .. Let's post our "exclusive" "interview" "now!!" Hashtag absolute morons. I'm in shock at how cheap and petty this is. When a simple deletion and apology was all it should have been.

    But the "hashtag absolute morons" are currently sticking by their decision and insist it's not their fault if she's unhappy with the publication of the pictures.

    @RubyRose We believe in promoting female empowerment not exploitation. Any concerns with these photos was unfortunately not relayed to us.

    Over to you, Ruby.

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