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Just A Reminder Of How Damn Cute Tom Hardy Is

Warning: this post contains a lot of cute dogs and is hard to handle.

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1. As we all know, Tom Hardy is an absolute sweetheart. He's said so himself.

Channel 4

2. And today he turns 40.

3. So we thought we'd celebrate by bombarding you with GIFs of the best man in our lives.


4. We're not sure you can handle it.

Universal Pictures

5. But we're just going to go right ahead.

6. But it wouldn't be Tom Hardy's birthday without a load of dog-related GIFs.

Let's be honest here.

7. There's just so many to choose from.

8. They're all a bit too much.

9. The internet is a wonderful place.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

10. Full of happy images like this.

11. Here's Tom cuddling another pup.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

12. And here he is being cute and delightful.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

13. We all know how much he loves pooches.

14. And it's one of the main reasons we're in love with him tbh.

Fox Searchlight Pictures/

15. I mean...

16. And if this explanation about why he loves them so much doesn't destroy you then we're not sure what will.

17. But he's not only captured our hearts with his love of dogs.


18. Here he is in an early acting role.


19. In fact, let's throw it back further to when he was in a TV modelling contest.

20. In which he wore a headband and this excellent eyebrow look.

21. He of course won.

Oh and his prize was a toolbox because he wasn't quite the Tom Hardy just yet.

22. And the rest is pretty much history.

Warner Bros.

23. He's starred in some amazing films.

Warner Bros.

24. And he seems like the cutest co-star on earth tbqh.

25. We can't get enough of him on screen.


26. Give us more Tom Hardy.

Warner Bros. Pictures

27. Let us be this woman.


28. Or to be in his presence at all.

Warner Bros. Pictures

29. He's also just a damn good person. Here he is revealing that he thinks traditional male leads should be rewritten for women and that it shouldn't be a ~big deal~.

30. He's also the best at clapbacks, like when he was asked this question.

31. And this one regarding his sexuality.

32. He's also got the most gorgeous smile around.

33. And we can't even deal when he grows a beard.

34. Seriously.

35. His bromance with Leonardo DiCaprio is the best but we love how he's more interested in snacking than listening to his friend in this interview.

36. But he knows that caring is sharing.

37. Because he's a sweetheart, remember?


38. All hail Tom Hardy on his 40th year on earth.


39. Here's another dog GIF.


40. Happy birthday, sir.