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    18 Times Maisie Williams Was Absolutely Flawless

    In celebration of the Game of Thrones star becoming a fully fledged adult. Happy 18th birthday, Maisie!

    She rose to fame as baby-faced badass Arya Stark on Game of Thrones.


    But now Maisie Williams is all grown up and today she turns 18. <3

    So to celebrate here's 18 times Maisie's showed what a total badass she's become.

    1. First things first, let's be honest, she's been a full on badass since she was even born.

    2. Then there was the time she was the queen of street dancing.

    3. And a total star at going incognito.

    4. When she told her fans you don't necessarily need to get qualifications to succeed at life.

    I would just like to say that I have no qualifications to my name and won't have for a while..

    There is more than one route into your dream job and if you didn't make it into 6th form it isn't the end of the world #justmyopinion

    5. And told adults who degrade her generation where to go.

    Maisie Williams shot by Ben Toms and styled by Robbie Spencer for Dazed Magazine Spring / Summer 2015. Issue on sale Thursday 9th April

    6. The time she reacted to the Red Wedding in this perfect way.

    7. In fact any time she's on social media she, quite frankly, rocks.

    8. The time she called out the entertainment industry for trying to make her regret wearing the same dress twice.

    9. When she rocked out a goddamn frog handbag. Because she's the coolest.

    Rb / GC Images

    10. Although admitted to being a total fangirl around her favourite stars.

    I met Emma Stone today (the ultimate love of my life) and I didn't manage to complete a sentence, not even once. 😭

    Because she's just like us.

    I would like to take this moment to apologise to anyone who shook my sweaty hand today. I'm a massive fangirl and idk how to play it cool.

    11. When she encouraged young people to get involved with politics and vote.


    But on a serious note, if you really are struggling to know who to vote for, and (like me) it's your first time voting... (1/2)

    ...take a look at this website- Hugely helpful for me. @Politics_Guide (2/2)

    12. Yet showed how fun loving she is by raving it up at Glastonbury.

    13. Then had the time of her life dancing to Ed Sheeran.

    BBC Three

    14. And didn't care about showing her love for Ed again on TV.

    .@edsheeran we think you'll enjoy tonight's episode. It involves @grimmers @Maisie_Williams &amp; a LOT of egg #sweat

    15. When she let fandoms collide by signing up to Doctor Who. (OMG)

    BBC / Doctor Who

    16. And passed her driving test with in just four months of being old enough to take lessons.

    17. When she posed like this in Teen Vogue and was named among 2014's Young Hollywood "crazy-cool crew".

    18. And the time she was so badass she even appeared in a music video.

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