People Aren’t Very Impressed With Gary Barlow’s Apology Over His Tax Avoidance

“Oh…and I also have a new album out!”

Gary Barlow has been absent from Twitter since May, when he was accused of avoiding tax.

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He and Take That bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald, and their manager, Jonathan Wild, allegedly invested £26million in a scheme designed to avoid the payment of tax.

But Barlow is now officially back on Twitter.

So he took the opportunity to apologise to his fans over the tax row.

I want to apologise to anyone who was offended by the tax stories earlier this year.

— Gary Barlow (@GaryBarlow)

With a new team of accountants we are working to settle things with all parties involved ASAP

— Gary Barlow (@GaryBarlow)

Oh…and also to plug the new Take That album.

We have been working since the new year on a new Take That studio album

— Gary Barlow (@GaryBarlow)

We are extremely excited about it ! It has been 4 long years since the last one

— Gary Barlow (@GaryBarlow)

As well as his latest plans.

I'm looking forward to singing at Elton Johns 'End of summer' party on Thursday

— Gary Barlow (@GaryBarlow)

And while some people were ecstatic to hear the news and have him back on social media…

So good to see @GaryBarlow back on twitter and with news of a new Take That album. Yay, yay, yay! :)

— Dawn (@dawnee84)

yay im soooooooo excited because Gary Barlow Is back on twitter - your fans have missed you (especially me) @GaryBarlow

— Emma Kither (@EmmaKither)

YAY!! BARLOWS BACK @GaryBarlow I've missed your face. Can I sit on it?

— Lolly (@Lolly_Knickers)

…others were less than impressed by his attempt at an apology.

If Gary Barlow had a pound for every insulting response he got to that non-apology, he still wouldn't pay tax on it. The prick.

— Dean Burnett (@garwboy)

Nice that Gary Barlow has apologised to those who were offended by the stories about his alleged tax dodging – 118 days after the fact.

— Kit Lovelace (@kitlovelace)

@GaryBarlow @tom_watson We weren't 'offended' - we were angry. You tricked us out of money for teachers, nurses, cancer drugs etc...

— h g (@pyramidscream)

'I'm sorry that you found me not paying tax offensive' is pretty much the worst apology I've ever heard, @GaryBarlow.

— LW (@LiamW_93)

So Gary Barlow has vaguely apologised for the STORIES about his tax avoidance, not the avoidance itself #PlayingTheSystem #dirtyUKpolitics

— Cary Charles (@CaryCharles)

What Gary Barlow really said

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon)

Some of them used the opportunity wisely by throwing in some Take That lyrics.

Ferdaus Shamim / WireImage

Gary Barlow apologises to tax man saying 'Whatever I said, whatever I did I didn't mean it' Tax man insists 'We want it back for good' #gary

— Beverly Macca CBA (@BeverlyMacca1)

"What ever I said, what ever I did I didn't mean it" Does that include your really unapologetic apology? @GaryBarlow

— Hannah The Ostrich (@HANNAHOstrich)

But people mainly seemed annoyed about the timing of his reappearance on Twitter.

Gary Barlow is apologising over the stories on tax avoidance and then talks about his new album...makes crap music and avoids tax

— Atiq G (@ephemeral90)

@GaryBarlow Has you coming back on Twitter got anything to do with you bringing a new album out? ;)

— Aaron (@Vitellivs)

Gary Barlow wants to apologies to everyone over tax scandal earlier this year.It has taken him long enough must have new album out. #Fools

— John NI (@JohnNI47973385)


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