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21 Movies That Will Make You Cry, Laugh, And Cringe When You're Expecting

However they make you react, these are sure to occupy you while you're nesting!

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1. Waitress

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"It's funny, and sweet, and had me bawling during my own pregnancy. Keri Russell starts out not wanting her baby because she's deeply unhappy with her own life. The moment she meets her daughter, everything changes. To me, this movie is perfect for those moments when you're filled with anxiety and self-doubt. You're going to be a mom, and you're going to be enough. All that baby needs is you." –haleyg4625f599b

"It is funny and heartwarming." –brookeb624

2. Away We Go

Focus Features

"Hands-down Away We Go with Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski. It looks at both parenting and love from a couple of different perspectives, and it's funny and real and heartwarming and sometimes cringeworthy, but in all of the best ways. If you're pregnant, this movie kinda just lets you know that everything is going to be just fine!" –kimberlyt441079d6b

"Watch Away We Go if you're preggers and deciding where and how to start your new family. Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski are adorable together, and the story of their journey to find a home is so sweet. They see different kinds of families, none being perfect, and learn that home is within their love for each other and within themselves." –Ashleyprice

"It's so funny and sweet, and all the characters who are parents are soooo relatable." –sallyf462f2ae4c

3. Bridget Jones's Baby

Universal Pictures

"I watched it on my flight from Munich to New York when I was six months pregnant (last flight I did before the little one arrived). Loved it and found it totally relatable, except for the who's-the-daddy bit." –sabrinab466b33fe9


4. Where the Heart Is

20th Century Fox

"Natalie Portman is just such a beautiful example of love through adversity! Such a warm film." –bethe47dca27ff

"My personal favorite is Where the Heart Is, just because of how loving Natalie Portman is throughout the movie and just how peculiar her situation is." –Brianna Brown

6. Up


"Even though the beginning is a little sad, the rest of the movie is magical and really puts into perspective the bonds you share with the ones you love. Plus the soundtrack is absolutely charming." –janieiris

7. Junior

Universal Pictures

"Okay, so it's Arnie who's expecting, but I love the protective dynamic between him and Emma Thompson, especially when she finds out he's expecting HER baby. It's far-fetched, daft and totally unbelievable but it also has a good heart." –leannetillyk


10. She's Having a Baby

Paramount Pictures

"The ending makes me cry every time! It reminds you to appreciate the little moments and focus on the things that really matter during such a crazy, scary, exciting time." –kelseydupinh

"It's funny, sad, dramatic, and realistic." –Mojo1999

11. What to Expect When You're Expecting


"What to Expect When You're Expecting made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. Especially after giving birth and reliving everything again. Even wetting my pants! Lol." –lauriegxox

"When her line is 'Gar – Bear, I love you but sometimes I just wanna punch you in the face,' gets me every time. I'm currently still pregnant with twins and the hormones and the change in smell had me hating my husband in the first trimester." –ivyymoon


14. Look Who's Talking

Tri-Star Pictures

"I watched Look Who's Talking the day before I gave birth. An oldie, but I remember amusing myself in the days that followed imagining my son thinking to himself and trying to work out what the hell had just happened." –kates45652cbd3

"I loved watching Look Who's Talking when I was pregnant with my son – I was obsessed with every kind of pregnancy film." –talianunnerley


17. Bad Moms

STX Entertainment

"Bad Moms was the best movie I ever watched while I was pregnant and afterwards whenever I felt down or that I had done something wrong parent-wise....reminds us women we're not alone. ❤️" –cassandrac4451600d1

"Great for the been there, done that momma." –edusseault

19. Little Miss Sunshine

Fox Searchlight

"I vote for watching a film where you hope your child turns out to be as awesome as the kid in the movie:

1. Beast of Southern Wild

2. Little Miss Sunshine

3. Whale Rider"

–Viola Bennett, Facebook


21. Pulp Fiction

Miramax Films

"Pulp Fiction – because you may need a break from being in baby mode 24/7. Watch something that has nothing to do with being pregnant, and take a minute to just be yourself. Once the baby comes, you may not have a lot of me time, so try some self-care before then." –josefineg

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