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Everything We Know About Emma Watson's New Rugby Player Boyfriend

Because we want to get to know him too.

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1. His name is Matt Janney.

David Rogers / Getty Images

2. He's 21. Which makes him two years younger than Emma.

3. He's a student at Oxford University.

REX USA/Matthew Impey /Wiredphotos / Rex

4. Which means he's clever, a bit like Hermione Granger, but not at all.

5. In fact, he's studying medical and modern languages.

6. He's also a star player for his university's rugby team.

REX USA/Matthew Impey /Wiredphotos / Rex

7. Which means he's sporty and fit.

8. With a big, rugged, manly beard.

David Rogers / Getty Images

9. In fact, the rugby team named him “Oxford’s most eligible bachelor” and “best looking player” on Twitter.

Bryn Lennon / Getty Images

10. And this is why.

REX USA/Matthew Impey /Wiredphotos / Rex

11. And he's currently enjoying a Caribbean holiday with the Harry Potter star. Lucky boy.