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    Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Feb 26, 2016

    13 Of The Best Quotes From Emma Watson’s Interview With Feminist Author Gloria Steinem

    Everything from her eyebrows to the sex sites she uses, and how like Hermione she truly is.

    Last month Emma Watson revealed she's starting a feminist book club. And one of the first books she chose was Gloria Steinem's My Life on the Road.

    Gloria Steinem is a women's rights activist, a writer, lecturer, editor, and renowned feminist.

    Nick Cunard / Nick Cunard / NCSM Media

    It turns out the pair are actually fans of each other and on Wednesday night they sat down for an inspiring discussion during an event in London.

    Nick Cunard / Nick Cunard / NCSM Media

    Let's get one thing straight – there was a lot of attention on things like the fact Emma debuted new ombré hair for the talk.

    Nick Cunard / Nick Cunard / NCSM Media

    And that she admitted to subscribing to (and recommended) a sexual pleasure website.

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    This quote got a lot of attention.

    But she also had a lot of important issues to debate and open up about...

    1. Like why she started her He for She campaign in the first place.

    Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images / Via

    2. On how many women have died for just being female.

    Anthony Harvey / Getty Images / Via

    3. She opened up about how even she gets affected by nerves.

    Tobias Schwarz / AFP / Getty Images / Via

    4. OK, so she did also mention Harry Potter. And finally admitted that she truly is like Hermione in real life.

    George Desota / Getty Images / Via

    5. She discussed her insecurities growing up as a child. And the best advice her mother gave her.

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images / Via

    6. And how troubling it is how deep body worries run for women.

    Andreas Rentz / Getty Images / Via

    Steinem added during this point: "Our bodies are instruments not ornaments. We should celebrate our different shapes and sizes, our caesarean scars and all the other beautiful imperfections that make us who we are. I hope every woman in this room goes home tonight, looks in the mirror, and says, 'Yes, this is fan-fucking-tastic!'" Amen to that.

    7. Emma revealed how she loves acting, but how it means even more to her to be talking in public as herself.

    Miguel Rojo / AFP / Getty Images / Via

    8. And how to be a good friend when someone is in a bad situation.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images / Via

    9. Gloria also had this to say on starting a family.

    Jemal Countess / Getty Images / Via

    10. And this on patriarchy.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images / Via

    11. This was her response when Emma asked her if the word feminism needs to be changed.

    Brad Barket / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @5x15stories

    12. And this is what she had to say about women and sport.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @5x15stories

    13. But this was possibly the best advice of all.

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @saltsea

    And it seems Emma thoroughly enjoyed the chat.

    It was such an honour to interview @GloriaSteinem on Wednesday! #MyLifeOnTheRoad #OurSharedShelf

    As did we. 💗

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