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13 Of The Best Quotes From Emma Watson’s Interview With Feminist Author Gloria Steinem

Everything from her eyebrows to the sex sites she uses, and how like Hermione she truly is.

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Last month Emma Watson revealed she's starting a feminist book club. And one of the first books she chose was Gloria Steinem's My Life on the Road.

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It turns out the pair are actually fans of each other and on Wednesday night they sat down for an inspiring discussion during an event in London.

But she also had a lot of important issues to debate and open up about...

6. And how troubling it is how deep body worries run for women.

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Steinem added during this point: "Our bodies are instruments not ornaments. We should celebrate our different shapes and sizes, our caesarean scars and all the other beautiful imperfections that make us who we are. I hope every woman in this room goes home tonight, looks in the mirror, and says, 'Yes, this is fan-fucking-tastic!'" Amen to that.

And it seems Emma thoroughly enjoyed the chat.

It was such an honour to interview @GloriaSteinem on Wednesday! #MyLifeOnTheRoad #OurSharedShelf

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