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    David Beckham Has Got A New Tattoo And It's For The Perfect Reason

    "99 was a good year for me." He's just too damn perfect.

    We all know David Beckham as an insanely beautiful tattooed man.

    H&M / Via

    There's not much skin left to get any more inkings tbh.

    H&M / Via

    Particularly when it comes to his hands and arms.

    H&M / Rex / REX USA

    But this week he debuted another tattoo.

    He got the number '99' etched on his hand.

    And the sentiment for it is perfect.

    Beckham captioned the picture: "99 was a good year for me."

    And why's that? Well, it was the year he got married to Victoria of course ❤️‍ ❤️‍ ❤️‍

    OK! Magazine

    And also the year their first child, Brooklyn, was born.

    Peter Jordan / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    On top of that it was also one of the best year's in David's footballing career, partly because he helped his old team Manchester United win the treble.

    Sean Dempsey / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    Here he is with the 1999 FA Cup trophy <3

    Now let's take a moment to remember what they were like back in 1999.

    Tony Harris / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    They were at peak matching fashion levels.

    Eamonn And James Clarke / Eamonn and James Clarke

    They had just the one child before Romeo, Cruz and Harper came along.

    Eamonn And James Clarke / Eamonn and James Clarke

    And we loved them as much as we do now.

    EMPICS Entertainment

    You guys!

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