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    Benedict Cumberbatch Says NHS Workers Are Real-Life Superheroes

    The actor told BuzzFeed how proud Britain should be of the NHS while promoting his new film, Doctor Strange: "I think anyone who works in medicine has superpowers, anyone who works in the NHS has superpowers. It’s a miracle, it is magic."

    Benedict Cumberbatch has spoken out to praise the amazing work doctors and nurses do and emphasised how proud Britain should be of the NHS.


    The actor is currently portraying Doctor Strange in Marvel's latest big-screen movie.

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    But he insists it is the real-life doctors and nurses who are true superheroes.

    Speaking to BuzzFeed to promote the film this week, Cumberbatch was asked what his superpower would be and his answer was very humbling.

    He told us that if he could have one slogan it would be "the NHS rules" and added: "I'd be a doctor. Like, a real doctor that works in the NHS, that's who I'd be. Like, the real heroes, doctors and nurses. I think anyone who works in medicine has superpowers, anyone who works in the NHS has superpowers. It's a miracle, it is magic."


    He went on to say what an amazing institution the NHS is. "It wouldn't happen if [doctors and nurses] didn't go to work and give everything they've got for very little," the actor said. "They do crazy hours and keep an ideal afloat through the love and care that they have for their craft and their patients and the institution of the NHS. We should be very proud of it. Really, honestly. And I did meet a few people, obviously some to do with the higher echelons of brain surgery, but I'm lucky enough to know a few in my personal life and hats off, or doctor's things off, and respect to them."

    And if Cumberbatch could be his ideal superhero for just one week, he said he would go straight to Great Ormond Street hospital in London to use his powers on the "extraordinarily heroic children" who are there.

    "I would probably go to Great Ormond Street hospital," he said. "I've visited patients there. To be able to actually help them would give me a great joy. Those are the most extraordinarily heroic children and they wear their burdens so lightly. They're just a lesson in effortless grace and it's kind of inspiring."


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