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    An Important And Definitive Ranking Of Celebrity Man Buns

    Well, because...

    22. Colin Farrell.

    21. Shia LaBeouf.

    20. Alex Ebert.

    19. Adrian Grenier.

    18. Emile Hirsch.

    17. Joaquin Phoenix.

    16. Leonardo DiCaprio.

    15. Mickey Rourke.

    14. David Beckham.

    13. Gavin Rossdale.

    12. Jason Momoa.

    11. Orlando Bloom.

    10. Bradley Cooper.

    9. Oliver Proudlock.

    8. Shahrukh Khan

    This is what we call a proper man bun.

    7. Penn Badgley.

    So good it's good enough for an Alexander Wang commercial.

    6. Chris Hemsworth.

    5. Harry Styles.

    Harry with a bun and a headband. Just so right.

    4. Russell Brand.

    3. Jake Gyllenhaal.

    2. Brad Pitt.

    1. Jared Leto.

    Incredibly intricate. Jared wore this look to this week's Golden Globes and won in so many ways. Well done you!