All The Proof You Need That Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Are Totally Ready For Parenthood

    As told through dog pictures. Because.

    So Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds announced they're expecting a baby today. Squeal!

    And while we're super excited.

    Yet incredibly sad at the same time.

    We know deep down they're totally, completely and utterly ready for parenthood.

    Because they're the perfect (dog) parents.


    And tender.


    And kind.

    They'll be brought into their social circles effortlessly.

    Even with their famous friends.

    And they'll ensure their unborn child will make plenty of new friends of their own.

    They'll be taken on coffee runs.

    And to work.

    They'll always be by their sides.

    And loved beyond belief.

    And for that we are eternally jealous.

    Because they are going to be the best parents known to man.


    This photo summarizes our feelings on Ryan Reynolds being a dad.