28 Signs You Were A Teenage Take That Obsessive

    Never Forget.

    1. This was your general demeanour any time the words Take That were ever even vaguely mentioned.

    2. You collected every Take That track from Smash Hits' pull out songbook to learn the words by heart.

    3. You could no longer see your wallpaper as the walls were so covered in posters of Mark, Robbie, Gary, Howard and Jason.

    4. And you'd stare at pictures of them for hours on end day dreaming about your lives together.

    5. You still know and do the "Pray" dance moves in the kitchen.

    6. You went to the reunion tour in your twenties, knew all the words and still screamed like a teenager.

    7. You seriously considered getting the Take That logo tattooed on you whenever you were old enough to do so.

    8. Despite looking like this you thought Mark Owen was the best thing in the world wearing this crop top.

    9. So much so you hunted it down so you could copy him and have your own version.

    10. You were devastated that Mr Blobby knocked "Babe" off the charts to get to Christmas number one in 1993.

    In fact, it's still quite a sore point.

    11. You cried when your mum failed to get the 3D glasses in time for the Top Of The Pops special edition when Mark sung lead vocals for the first time EVER.

    12. You gouged the eyes out of your Robbie doll when he left the band. THAT'LL TEACH HIM!!

    13. You had all of their birthdays memorised. For no reason at all.

    14. You locked yourself away and rehearsed all the dance moves from every tour video they ever released.

    15. Christmas 1992 was made with one gift: The "Take That & Party" video.

    16. You recorded "Do What U Like" on your VHS player so you could pause it at the end and take a good look at their bums.

    17. And you were also insanely jealous of the girl who won a part in the "Could It Be Magic" music video. You wanted to turn off that light!

    18. You watched the "Give Good Feeling" part of the tour over and over and over.

    19. Not in front of your parents, mind.

    20. You always sang "Relight My Fire" at karaoke and sang the LuLu bit at ear-piercing volume.

    21. You owned every item of Take That stationary going - including the pencil case, fountain pen, pencils, compass, sharpener, folder and ruler... And were the envy of your class.

    22. And you had notebooks upon notebooks covered in the Take That logo.

    23. You'd even scribble the logo on rubbers and use it to stamp it absolutely everywhere.

    24. You fell out with friends who were East 17 fans.

    25. You truly believed that one day you would marry Robbie.

    26. You knew the addresses of where their parents lived and hung out there.

    27. You insisted that you had their surnames. Because you were going to marry them, of course.

    28. And this is how you reacted when they announced they were going on a reunion tour with Robbie. Two years ago.