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    25 Photos Of Miranda Kerr And Orlando Bloom That Will Make You Sad They've Broken Up

    Massive sad face.

    1. This photo was this year!

    2. Look how in love they were.

    3. They were made for each other.

    4. They couldn't get enough of each other.

    5. Look at them.

    6. Seriously.

    7. The way they looked at each other.

    8. And had the most perfect looks imaginable.

    9. The way they laughed together.

    10. And held hands.

    11. And cuddled.

    12. He loved her.

    13. She loved him.

    14. They loved EACH OTHER.

    15. What went wrong guys?

    16. What went wrong?

    17. He was the perfect gent.

    18. She was his perfect girl.

    19. They partied together.

    20. In fact they went everywhere together.

    21. They even held dogs together.

    22. Then they had little Flynn and they were the most perfect parents imaginable.

    23. A family that dreams were made of.

    24. You guys.

    25. Were the best.

    Massive sad face.