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What's The Best Song To Have Sex To?

"Driver, roll up the partition please."

Let's talk about sex...literally.

Next Plateau / Via

When the moment is right and the feeling is in the air...

Marvel Productions / Via

Sometimes, a little music can help ~set the mood~.

Republic / Via

Maybe you like to bust out an old school jam:

Motown Records / Via

Boyz II Men had candles, bubble baths, and literally all of the ingredients needed to start the night off just right.

Or maybe you're a little more modern:

Republic / Via

Ariana isn't talking about a "wrist icicle" or a "dick bicycle" for nothing.

Or maybe you like to get it on to something extra upbeat:

RCA / Via

What could be more sexy than a man promising he's never going to give YOU up?

Regardless, you probably have a banger you uh...bang to.


Basically, we want to know your favorite sex songs! Share your favorites in the dropbox below and your response could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video.